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Predicting aurora activty

Aurora forecast

On our blog you can find the latest aurora forecasts, based on reading forecasts from several places. Please note that our forecasts do not guarantee your success in aurora hunting, but we always strive to deliver reliable information that we gather from several sites.

Predicting aurora activity is serious science that requires monitoring activity on the sun. When the earth-facing side of the sun erupts, scientist can predict how long it will take for the plasma to travel to earths atmosphere. But for real enthusiasts you can do some observations yourself. Just remember to never ever look at the sun directly through any kind of magnifying glass (binoculars, telescopes, camera lenses etc.) at all.

If you want to follow the monitoring of the sun you can try following web sites like, the NASA solar observation page or theNational Solar Observatory.

There are several places on the internet that interpret this information and publish both long term and short term predictions for auroral activity. If you are preparingt a northern lights hunt, checking some of these pages here can be very useful. Gedds, TV2, or Forecasts for Canada.

But since auroral activty is not the only factor in determing wether or not you will be succsessul in finding the aurora you might want also want to check out if there will be openings or if it will be fully overcast. In that case the Icelandic Met Office can be very useful.

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