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Another CME coming in :: September 7th-8th

Late arrival of the CME, September 6th

The aurora activity last night was later than forecasted. The solar storm began around 1am and I guess that only the most deidcated aurora hunters were still out by that time. If you had any sightings of the storm, you can head over to the IAC facebook page and share your experience with other hunters. 

Tonight, September 7th, it is likley that the magnetic field will be quite unstable from the storm and there will be moderate aurora activity where the sky is clear. We can expect clear skies around the West coast, the Reykjanes peninsula, Borgarfjörður and Hvalfjörður areas. 

Another CME coming in tomorrow night

While we were waiting for the sky to light up yesterday, another sunspot sent out the biggest CME heading towards Earth in a decade. It was a huge event, and the plasma cloud that is on its way is bigger than the one yesterday. It is believed to arrive tomorrow and produce a solar storm here and lighting up the sky with aurora. The Kp-index is forecasted at 7 wich is almost the top of the scale. So aurora hunters should be on the lookout on Friday evening September 8th, looking for openings in the cloud cover. They might be found along the South coast, on the South part of the Snæfellsnes peninsula and parts of the Westfjords. 

Happy aurora hunt!

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