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Aurora Feast Ahead ? :: September 13th-14th

Aurora activity and clear skies

From a solar storm session september last year.

The next couple of days look really promising when it comes to aurora hunting! Yet another solar storm is coming, raising activity levels up to 6 / 9 tonight, Wednesday night and tomorrow night levels are predicted at 4-5. As I had mentioned before, it is sometimes the couple of days <b> after</b> the storm itself the we have the most amazing displays in the sky. So for really passionate aurora hunters I would recommend looking to the sky both tonight and tomorrow night.

The other major factor in aurora hunting, the clear skies, also look very promising. According to the Icelandic Met Office we can expect clear skies over all of the country both nights. Of course clouds can form here and there, but if you move around (or book a tour with one of the suppliers here) you should be able to find clear skies. 

I will most definatly be going out aurora hunting tomorrow night (band practise tonight 🙂 and if you are looking for a private tour with a photography twist, fill in the form here and we can figure things out. 

Happy aurora hunting!

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