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Incoming Solar Storm :: December 4th-5th

The light from the Imagine Peace Tower pours into a whirling pool of aurora during the last big solar storm, October 26th

Aurora Forecast is goooood…

Hi all! Tonight, Monday night, aurora activity is likley to pick up, and increase for the next few days, reaching a maximum of 5/9 on the Kp index tonight

So, we are in for a treat. The Icelandic Met Office predicts clear skies over all of the South-Coast, North-East, West-Coast and all of the Highlands. What a treat! The only part that is likely to be covered in clouds is the North-West part. So why don’t you head over to the tours page and book yourself a great aurora adventure, either by bus  (ISK 6.400 pr. person) or by boat from Reykjavik Harbour (ISK 10.990). By booking your tour on my site you support the forecasting service since I get a small commission from each booking. 

Forecast for Tuesday, December 5th

Unfortuneatly a bank of clouds seems to be heading our way for Tuseday. It is likely that the West Coast will have clear sky, but in other regions it will be fully covered. Follow closely the cloud cover forecast at the Met Office. 

Wednesday is a mystery…

From the Hvalfjörður area during a solar storm October 26th, 2017.

It’s still a bit early to predict the cloud cover for Wednesday night, but the aurora activity will remain high. With the information we have now it is likely that we will have more areas covered in clouds than on Tuesday night. More about that later, both here on the site, and also on my Facebook page. Make sure you follow me there. 


Update for Wednesday December 6th: Another great night last night where the sky was clear, and it looks like the geomagnetic storm is slowing down a bit tonight with Kp-index 4/9. Cloudy today but likely to clear up West of Reykjavik tonight. Places like Thingvellir, Selfoss, Hella seem likely tonight.


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