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Calm after the storm :: September 9th-10th

The aftermath

After some incredible geomagnetic activity the last couple of days things are getting calm again. Geomagnetic activity levels went up to 9 on the Kp-index and it does not get higher than that. We had some good aurora display in the south last night. It is my experience that the couple of days after such a storm often provide very good aurora, even better than during the storm itself. 

Tonight, Saturday night, the cloud cover forecast is not in our favour though with cloud coverd skies all over the country but tomorrow night we can expect clear skies in the South and the West. Aurora activity forecast is “only” around 3-4 on the Kp index, but since this is the aftermath of the biggest solar storm in over a decade, chances are the the aurora will be quite active and bright. It is at least worth it to go out and hunt for them. 

Happy aurora hunting! 

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