Getting to see the northern lights is a life long dream of some people, while others see them many times a year and could not care less about them.

You are probaly visting my site because you want to see the Northern lights. You might even be considering a visit to Iceland to see them, or include an aurora hunt in your visit to our country. So, here are some useful information for you to consider when planning your aurora hunt.

When can I see the Northern Lights?

Aurora can be visible from late August, until early May. It has to be dark for you to see them, and that is the main reason why this is the season. You also need clear skies and in the winter time here in Iceland that can be tricky. 

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Where can I see the Northern Lights?

Finding a great location to see the aurora is best to decide with a short notice, once you have seen the forecast for the evening and you know where it is more likely you will find clear skies. 

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One of the options is to do the aurora hunt on your own. That is of course a great way to go, just rent a car and head out into the dark. But, please, be careful. In the wintertime it can be cold, the roads can be icy, snow and slush, and finding a place to park. It can also be helpful for you to get some insight into predicting aurora sightings. 

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Let the Locals help you out

Why not let local experts in hunting for the aurora help you out? Aurora tours are a great success here and I have selected a few tours that I can recommend. 

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