Where Can I See The Northern Lights?

Northern Lights tours in Iceland

Location for an aurora hunt is essential.

Finding the right location for a successful aurora hunt is very important. If you decide to travel to Iceland in wintertime you might want to spend one night or two in searching the aurora. The simple guide to finding a location is: Get out of town! Light pollution can limit the visibilty of the aurora dramatically, and even make them disappear.

Few words of precaution
Driving out of town in wintertime on a cold and clear night can be tricky. You can always expect snow and/or ice on the road and certain roads are not maintained during the wintertime. You really need to get information on road conditions before leaving town. If you find the aurora, it is also very tempting to simply pull over to the side of the road and jump out of the car. That is also risky because other drivers might not see you in the dark. So you need to choose the place where you pull over carefully and always mind the traffic, even when you don’t expect a car they can come all of a sudden, out of the dark. So always show full caution when pulling over.

Since the majority travellers that come to Iceland visit our capital the list is, for now, limited to places around Reykjavík:

Check the Northern lights around Reykjavík map on Google maps

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