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How to photograph the Northern Lights

Are you thinking about going out and try to photograph the northern lights? It is not just a simple snapshot and the more effort you put in your preparation for your northern lights photography session, the more likely you are to succeed. First of all, check this list

  • Is it likely that you will see lights?
  • Is it likely that the northern lights will be strong enough to photograph them?
  • Do you have a rough idea about which location you are going to? Think about possible foregrounds and reflective surfaces.

Once you have decided to go out and shoot, there are certain things you don’t want to forget.

  • A camera, capable of long exposures.

You really have to know your camera. If you are not certain if your camera can do this, read the manual carefully. Look for chapters about night exposure, long exposure and learn how to set your camera on long exposure mode.

  • Tripod is very important. Since you will have the camera shutter open for some time you really need to have the camera stable to avoid camera shake and blurry pictures.
  • Flashlight to light up the camera while adjusting the settings.

Since it is wintertime and the sky is relatively clear you also need to prepare for cold. Really warm clothes are necessary and a warm drink is always a good idea.

When you have found your spot and you are ready to start shooting, make sure to have fun!

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