Information About The Aurora

Information about the aurora

Watching the aurora is a wonderful experience.

Information about the aurora

Let me provide some information: What are we seeing when we look at the Northern lights? Where do they come from? Are they dangerous?

The northern ligths are a great reminder for us humans, about how small we are in the universal context. They are also a great reminder how beauty often lies in the smallest things, things we usually don’t see. Originating in some of the biggest events in our solar system, the solar flares, they are formed when the tiniest particles are affected by solar storms, blazing around our planet. Get more in depth information about the aurora:

The aurora itself is not dangerous at all. But we must remember that they are a mere sign of an invisible geomagnetic storm. Very powerful solar storms can affect radio communication, satellites and positioning systems, and the most powerful ones have even affected power distribution. So in the case of a huge solar storm, the aftermath might be serious.

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