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Next Solar Storm on its way :: Dec 10-12

It has been quiet …

After a nice gust of solar storm, it has been slow in the aurora field the last couple of days. Kp-index has been low but with clear skies some people have seen some faint auroras low on the horizon, facing north. That will most likely be the case tonight, Sunday night. Low activity but clear skies, at least in most parts of the country. 

More activity but more clouds

Solar wind forecasts predict more activity tomorrow night, Monday night, but it looks like it is going to be cloudy over most of the country until Tuseday night. Let’s hope that the weather system will leave some holes in the cloud cover. 

Don’t forget the sky

I just want to remind us all that even if we don’t have the aurora dancing over our heads when aurora hunting, we still have the amazing night sky above us. With some preparation you can find some amazing phenomena in the sky. Just looking at the moon, even with just good hand binoculars, can be a lot of fun. Deceber 13-14th for example you can witness the Geminids meteor shower blazing thorugh the sky. So, keep your spirit up, enjoy the moment and remember that we are just a tiny little piece of the amazing puzzle that the universe is. 

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