Northern Lights Tours by Boat

Northern Lights Tours with a twist


northern-lights-by-boat-captain_bigOne of the important factors of the successful northern lights tours a is to get away from the light pollution of the city. Special tours is a whale watching tour operator that in wintertime offers a convenient and fun way to go aurora hunting, by taking you on a boat ride for around 30 minutes and then you are out in the dark.

Once you are out on sea you can start to look forward to seeing the lights. There is a guide on board that explains what you are seeing with lively commentary. They also provide overalls to keep you warm, free wi-fi, WCs and a café on board. 


northern-lights-fantastico-nonni northern-lights-by-boat-passangers_bigPlease note, that this tour is not the best one to photograph the aurora, because the boat is usually moving to much to get a clear long exposure. But you can always go and enjoy a fun boatride, and then just buy a postcard when you come back 🙂

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