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Northern Lights tours in Iceland are a huge business. Everybody wants to sell you their tour, and they all tell you that this is the right tour for you. After quite some research and 18 years of experience in Icelandic tourism I have picked five great tours that I can recommend and you can book online. By booking on my site you support the ongoing forecasting service I provide. 

The Budget TourAurora forecast Iceland

The most common way to see the aurora is by leaving the light pollution out of the city by bus. All the big bus companies offer tours of this kind.

  • Pros: Lowest price, guide and only operated when chances are good.
  • Cons: Sometimes overcrowded and no flexibility, i.e. for photographers.

Why I recommend the tour: The reason I recommend this particular bus tour is that this company offers another tour if no lights are seen. The guides and drivers have a lot of experience in finding the aurora, and know some of the best locations where you can park a bus and let everybody out to see.

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The Gourmet TourIMG_8944

Golden Circle and Magical Nights is a superb day-tour that combines great nature, great food, and great time in the Fontana Spa, before heading out to search for the northern lights.

  • Pros: Great food, small groups, combined with Iceland’s main attraction, The Golden Circle.
  • Cons: A bit more expensive than a regular bus tour, but a lot of great things included

Why I recommend the tour: The Golden Circle is always great, and by combining it with lot’s of local food, a great guide and a small group would be superb. By adding the northern lights hunt at the end takes it up a notch.

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The Boat Tournorthern-lights-fantastico-nonni

Sail for 30-40 minutes out to sea to escape light pollution, and start enjoying the great display of the aurora. Special Tours is a great tour operator that takes good care of you. 

  • Pros: Great fun, great cityscapes from the Ocean over Harpa and the Harbour area. Fun guides and overalls provided to keep you warm. 
  • Cons: Not ideal for photography, because the boat is not stable enough for long exposures. 

Why I recommend the tour: It is a fun way to spend an evening. A boat ride is always fun, even if you don’t get to see the northern lights. 

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The Akureyri Tour

Not everyone is hunting for the aurora in Reykjavik. If you are travelling in the North, a Northern Lights Exploration with Saga Travel, might be a great choice for you. 

  • Pros: Small group, good contact with a local guide who knows where to go.
  • Cons: A bit more expensive than the bus tours.

Why I recommend the tour: I always choose a smaller group when I can. This is a great way to meet people, get in contact with the local guide and get some “inside information” about the country and the people living there. 

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The Photography Tour

Northern lights in Iceland.

This is a bit tricky, since this, just like the private tour, is a tour that I run myself. So the reason I recommend it is quite obvious. I have a long experience in photographing the aurora and you can see more of my work in the photography section and the gallery. These tours are only run on demand, and I guarantee that I will do my best to find the lights and help you capture them.

  • Pros: Tailor-made for photographers, so a lot of flexibilty and enough time to set up your gear and wait for the right shot.
  • Cons: More expensive, and not ideal for those who only want to see the lights and then get back to sleep.

This tour is run by my photo-tour company, Iceland Photo Walk, a fully licensed tour operator. Recommended by default 🙂

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The Private Tour

Like the photography tour, this is a tour that I run myself, but without the photography. So we head out with only your group, and I do my best to find the aurora with you. If you are looking for personal touch in your tour, you should give it a chance. It is great for families, friends and small groups. And I will send you a group photo with the lights that you can share with friends and family.

  • Pros: Small group, good contact with the guide, flexibility and personal service. Great for families.
  • Cons: Probably the most expensive way to travel.

This tour is run by my photo-tour company, Iceland Photo Walk, a fully licensed tour operator. Recommended by default 🙂

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Please note that I recieve a commision for each booking through this web. But you can still trust that these are the tours that I find most interesting and therfore I recommend them.


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