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Nothing quite like a successful aurora hunt

Nothing quite like a successful aurora hunt

Booking an aurora tour in advance can be a task, because you never know if the time and the conditions will be right once you are here. It is important to understand that some days aurora can not be seen. And then it is a great idea to book a tour that has some great activities, and offers an aurora hunt at the end.

So what to book?

I can highly recommed doing a tour that combines a more traditional tour with aurora hunting. The one that I have guided myself and I like the best is the Golden Circle and Magical Nights tour by Icelandic Mountain Guides. It is a tour that combines the classic Golden Circle, with some great culinary experinces, trying tomatoes grown at a local green house, some of the country’s best ice cream, relax at the Fontana spa, have great dinner at a small local countryside restaurant, and then hunt for the northern lights on the way home. Even if the conditions for the aurora are not right, you get a great tour in a small group with a knowledgable and friendly guide.

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Happy Aurora Hunt!

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