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Quiet Start of the Week :: September 11th-12th

Quiet after the storm 

Things seem to have calmed down after the geomagnetic storms that have been blazing in the upper layers of the atmosphere last couple of days. Aurora activity tonigh, Monday September 11th, is low and clouds seem to be building up late tonight. So chances of seeing the aurora tonight are rather low. 

Tomorrow night, Tuesday September 12th, activity will be a bit higher, but according to cloud cover forecasts it will be overcast over most of the country, so little chance to see them tomorrow night too. 

It looks like aurora activity will be on the rise around Wednesday night and sky clearing up. The moon is also decreasing, but the bright moonlight the last couple of days seems to overpower the aurora. But more about Wednesday and the upcoming solarstorm tomorrow! 

Happy aurora hunting. 

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